the renegade life!

A 48-Card Deck
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The Renegade Card Deck is about being a renegade at any age! The Renegade Woman is a powerful, independent thinker who draws a line in the sand against the negative, confining, societal norms regarding gender, age, faith, race, and xenophobia. This Renegade Woman does not play it safe, but she believes in doing the right thing the right way at the right time.

The Renegade Card Deck comprises 48 cards divided into four categories, signifying the invisible but irrefutable superpowers within each of us. The front of each card hosts a Power Word with one of the following icons.

The back of each card delivers some clarification and insights into the Power Word. Use the “Be A Renegade” suggestion found on each card as your next action step.

A Cape to Rise Up

A Crown to Rule

A Shield to Protect

A Wand to Change

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the renegade life!

*Includes Shipping & Handling

About Pattie Dobrowski

Pattie Dobrowski has run the gamut of careers from teacher, with forays into travel, real estate and coaching industries, to President of a publishing company. Today she concentrates on speaking, inspiring and helping women of all ages to live a full and exciting and productive life…at any age!